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Welcome to Moose Safari! 

Moose Safari takes you to explore magical northern nature near Helsinki. It's a private tour which takes you just outside the metropolitan area to experience beautiful forests and to observe wildlife. The main target of the tour is moose, but there is lots of other wildlife such as white-tailed, fallow and roe deer, birds of prey and other amazing feathered creatures. 

We offer a moose guarantee in June, July, and August: there is a 100% chance to see wild moose and you are likely to see several moose of different sizes and shapes, a lot of deer and also other wildlife.

Moose Safari operates mostly in May to September when there is an abundance of night-time light for observing wildlife. The minimum time needed for the tour is four hours. See more details about the tour by clicking here. 


The Moose Year

See what the moose are up to at different times of the year. When is the best time to go on a moose safari?

Prices and Booking


 Meet Joni the guy behind Moose Safari

Yes, Joni is a man's name in Finland. Click here to learn more.



Baby moose!

The moose give birth in Finland in May and June. The best time to see them is in June, July and August. 


We regret to inform you that baby moose are not always available for fellow nature enthusiasts from around the world! But there is a good chance to see them on a Moose Safari in June, July and August. The moose grow fast (approximately one kilogram per day during their fastest growth) and after August they are no longer baby moose.