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Finland tops many lists about how well things are managed in various countries:

Finland has been named the safest country on earth for travellers

Finland was selected as third in Lonely Planet's top ten countries to visit in 2017


Other listings have found Finland to be:

  • The happiest nation in the world in 2018
  • The most stable country in the world
  • The safest country in the world
  • The best country in social progress in the world
  • Next to Denmark, Finland is the best country in protecting fundamental human rights in the world
  • After Sweden, Finland is the most socially just EU country
  • Finland is the second most gender equal country in the world
  • Finland has the most human capital in the world
  • Finland's primary education is the best in the world
  • Finland is the second best country to be a girl in the world
  • Mothers' and children's well-being in Finland is the second best in the world
  • Finns drink most coffee per person in the world

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Do not miss these nature destinations when visiting Finland:

(More details to follow, stay tuned!)

Finland is possibly the best location on earth to photograph wild European brown bears. You can do this in many bear hides in Eastern Finland close to the Russian border. If you are even remotely interested in wildlife, this is an unforgettable experience that you should not miss when visiting Finland. Typically you spend the entire night in a hide and there is a lot to see. As days are very long there is enough light almost through the night for bear and other wildlife observation. A night in a hide costs around 150 euros and it is worth every penny. Bear hides are available between April and September. Book directly from the companies that provide the service:

Wild Brown Bear