Sivusto ei tue käyttämääsi selainta. Suosittelemme selaimen päivittämistä uudempaan versioon.

My name is Joni Valkila. I come from Helsinki and I like spending time outdoors. As a small child, I enjoyed spending time in forests and this hasn't changed. My favorite things to do include hiking in Lapland, picking up mushrooms, swimming in lakes and doing nature photography.

Until recently I had no idea that you could observe so much wildlife so near my home. I enjoyed doing it so much I decided I would start sharing the experience with visitors to Finland and so Moose Safari was born.

There is a sense of freedom in exploring nature where we do not know what we might see next. There is no script for a safari, every visit to nature is different. I believe we need adventures like this and we belong to a wilder nature.

I also have a daytime job and a PhD in social sciences. These are unrelated to wildlife or photography. As an activist, I'm involved in an organization called Rewilding Finland. We promote the idea that we should have wilder nature. This includes more large animals which we used to have in much greater numbers before people wiped them out on a global scale. We have suggested that European bison and wild horses should be returned to Finnish nature and that large predators have an important role in nature and should be allowed to increase in numbers. 

I hope in the future you can visit a national park in Finland where you can see not only moose, but also bison, wild horses, auroch, red deer, wild boar, beaver, eagle, forest reindeer, wolf, bear, wolverine, and lynx. We could have a taste of what Europe looked like 15,000 years ago when it was like Serengeti of the north with rhinos, mammoths, lions, and hyenas. Some animals are making a comeback. Moose is one of them, it was hunted to near extinction in Finland 100 years ago. At least meet the moose and imagine the world as it once was.

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