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As you may have heard, populations of wildlife have declined sharply since the 1970’s. The loss of wildlife is even greater within the last 10,000 or so years. So, is there something you and I can do about it?

Yes, we can buy land and protect it forever! I have personally donated to these two initiatives and intend to donate more in the future. The benefit to the planet is two-fold: 1) ecosystems are protected and 2) I will have less money to buy stuff and thus use the planet’s limited resources. I recommend the same for you! There are too many people consuming too much right now. But enough said about the dire situation we are in, let’s get to the solutions.


The American Prairie Reserve is making it possible to buy a new Yellowstone

The American Prairie Reserve is working to buy private lands to create the largest wildlife refuge in the continental United States. The Great Plains were one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the world until the mid-1800’s. The United States failed to protect any large part of it, but it is now possible to get the American Serengeti back. It only costs 500 million dollars to buy Montana ranchlands and combine them with existing protected areas to create a wildlife refuge the size of Yellowstone. The cost is half the price of a new football stadium and so it is completely possible. I am surprised large companies haven't already donated all the necessary funds. This would make great PR for any company for a long time to come. Who else can say they helped to create a prairie teaming with bison, wild horses, elk, pronghorns, grizzlies, wolves, coyotes and more. 

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The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation protects ancient forests in Finland. The foundation buys old untouched forests with donation funds and protects them forever. This protects numerous species that are threatened with extinction. One of them is the endangered Finnish wild forest reindeer which thrives in old-growth forests. Almost all forests in Southern Finland have been logged at some point which means that untouched forests are extremely rare. Only four percent of forests are legally protected in Southern Finland and so about 96% of forests are commercially exploited. So far the foundation has protected 104 forests with a total area of 2362 hectares.

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The American biologist Edward O. Wilson has proposed that half of the Earth's surface should be designated a human-free natural reserve to preserve biodiversity. Let’s at least protect, say 5% of forests in Southern Finland and at least one part of the Great Plains!


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